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My Super Secret Other Lives

Not that I think anyone would care, but...

I'm a Librarian

And also a singer

I'm a Librarian

And also a singer

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Simple Bust Sketch [sale!]
Commission: Ellie by Awkward-Lifeviews by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Rebecca by gorditaculona by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Unknown Kipitin by Pbarron by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Brynn and Parker by KayBit by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Yves and Kasja by baby-gwing by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Hafwen and Darren by baby-gwing by graceyanneiseki

Shoulders down, pencil sketch, no shading. 200:points: per character.
Colored Bust
embedded_item1463144616974 by graceyanneiseki
Ran by graceyanneiseki
Mhmm. I'll make better samples for these later.
Colored Bust w/ Background
Bruised by graceyanneiseki
Line art style varies depending on the mood of the picture.
Commission: Koimii by graceyanneiseki
Art Trade: Onigiri-kun by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Ruilin by baby-gwing by graceyanneiseki
Commission: Musgravite by xAbyssalRemnantx by graceyanneiseki
Penned line art, digital color.
Chibi-er than Chibi
Commission: Nephrym by graceyanneiseki
Aries by graceyanneiseki
Leo by graceyanneiseki
These tiny little things, perfect for decorating your page!


Hi everyone. I haven't been drawing for more than a month. I'm sorry, I was not feeling happy about what I was doing. I don't feel like I have improved, or will improve at all. I was feeling really down about my work, and for a while, I focused my energy on something else. I tried to read more and workout more to spend time. But I guess it's time to pick the pencils up again. So... hello once again. :)

1. Still not smoking.
2. Lost 5kg, can now run 5km in 35min.
3. Ceiling still broken.
4. 5 year old nephew is rooming with me. I ABSOLUTELY do not want him to see my coloring stuff. There. will. be. HELL.
I tried to fix my ceiling. I don't think I did it right. LMAO X'D

embedded_item1464180201599 by graceyanneiseki
I still haven't gotten around to making a background for the blind Arya I drew a while ago, but I'm working on something new right now. So here, have a WIP. :)

13256475 1009010519181987 3340753936731935513 N by graceyanneiseki
I forgot to post the doodle of this yesterday. But, well, here'a the colored version. Now all it needs is some background. :)

I actually have facebook. If anyone wants to follow my page, I am at

embedded_item1463144616974 by graceyanneiseki

Updates and others

Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2016, 7:53 PM
Update 1: Not smoking My 1st Emo - Smokin 

Yes, I think I'm doing pretty great, actually. I never picked up a single stick of cigarette ever since I posted that status that I would stop smoking. It's my 2nd month now, and most of the withdrawal symptoms have either disappeared, or maybe I've just started to learn to completely ignore them. Either way, I'm doing pretty great. I'm not about to tell other people to stop smoking as well, though. 

Update 2: Weight loss :tardbells: 

A couple of days after I decided to quit smoking, I put on my running shoes and went to school (where I work as a librarian) 2 hours earlier than working hours and ran for no reason. I just went and did it and have been at it for 2 months now. I've gained stamina, and I can now run for 3km without stopping. Lol, pussy, I know. But you should've seen me when I first started. I thought I was gonna die the first half kilometer, lmao. As a bonus, I started hitting the gym a week after I started running. I can now proudly do proper extended leg lifts on the dip bar for 2 sets of 20 reps. I'm not gonna put in detail the rest of my routine here.

First couple of days, I weighed around 59.3kg, a bit overweight for a girl my height. I've started to see and feel the difference. I can walk longer distances. I used to absolutely HATE field excursions, you know, because of all the walking. Now I can last a whole day of it, no sweat. Also, I can begin to see the shape of my shoulders again, so, yay slimming down! However, seems like my weight is pretty slow in going down. Probably because the fats are getting replaced with muscle weight.... or maybe all I'm losing is water weight? I sure hope not. That's less than what I was hoping for. Welp, just gotta keep trying... and cutting down on the chow.

Update 3: Color pencils :painter: 

Yyyyeaaaah, I'm still working on that. I'm enjoying (?) drawing with my new Polychromos set, but I still suck at it. I tend to rub the color in too hard until I either warp or completely destroy the paper. That's not good. Also, for some reason the colors turn out very different when I scan my work. I do not understand it. For now, I just settle for taking pictures of my work. It looks closer to how it should look like. I hope I can get commissioned for those kinds of works so I could get more practice.

Others :nuu: 

OMG you guys. Commission me please, lmao. After several months of scorching hellish summer heat, it's been beginning to rain hard, REALLY HARD, recently. The rain was so hard last night that the water finally REKT my roof and ceiling. I could not get any sleep last night because I had to spend it scooping water off the floor using a dustpan and a small bucket. When the bucket fills, I had to bring it out the door and empty it, and then go back in again and scoop the water again. No, I can't simply put the bucket under the place where water is dripping, because it's not just dripping, mind you, it's fricking made a  Niagara Falls on my wall. 

This came at a perfect time too, just when I blew my cash on repairs on my mom's PC. Yeaaaaah. So how am I gonna get that roof fixed, without having to borrow money from relatives? Gotta work for it! So if you want anything drawn, just hit my commissions widget, k? I'll draw you anything. Absolutely anything.

K thx bye!

PS: Hodor is in big trouble :'(

This is now my dev ID box. Yeah.

I have clearly messed up my Dev ID box so I made this on a custm box instead. Meh.

Ah, lookit this, something's always wrong with my coding. Guh. This is so annoying.

Uhh... Hi? I'm Grace. I look much younger than I really am. I'm friendly, kinda. Well, I don't bite much. I like to draw anime, but I can also draw other things (they just don't interest me that much). I think I'm doing pretty well with lineart, but I monumentally suck with coloring.

By day, I work as a Librarian. During the weekends, I have classes for my Masters Degree. On some occasions, I sing for a band. Someday, if I don't have a child yet, I would like to study copyright law in my country. I want to be a lot of things!

Well, this was a waste of time. I'm glad you're still reading this! Hope you enjoy your time browsing my page. Have a good day!

Meet my "pony"


He has identity crisis.
His most notable feature is sarcasm.
He hates christmas, but the farmer's wife seems to
look forward to having him for dinner.

made with…


He has identity crisis.
His most notable feature is sarcasm.
He hates christmas, but the farmer's wife seems to look forward to having him for dinner.


He has identity crisis.
He hates christmas, but the farmer's wife seems to look forward to having him for dinner.


He has identity crisis.
His most notable feature is sarcasm.
He hates christmas, but the farmer's wife seems to look forward to having him for dinner.

Epic To-do List

I'm a busy little elf!


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I have decided to quit smoking. XD 

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